Getting back to reality

I’m happy to announce that we are back in Scotland in reasonable health. I could not write anything for over a weak, because we had no internet connection in Creetown. Now, we are back in Glasgow, staying with our dear friend till we find place of our own to call it a home. The travel … Continue reading Getting back to reality


The good, bad and awful

Let’s start with bad and awful first work our way to the good, shall we?! What can I say about Bangkok? Well, it’s hard, because our entire stay there we spent in a hotel room suffering from food poisoning…. That’s right, the very first day when we arrived, very hungry by the way, went to … Continue reading The good, bad and awful

Bye bye India, hello Thailand

Leaving India, I believe we left a bit of us in it as India left something in us. It has been great adventure with both good and bad. More of the good though, all the amazing, kind and friendly people we met, made the stay unforgettable. Well I had some bad bits, but they mostly … Continue reading Bye bye India, hello Thailand