Tough Mudder – charity event

As some of you know, Callum and I have decided to race the Tough Mudder in June. Being 1 month in a training, we are realising that it really is a tough race. We are facing lots of physical challenges and our body is constantly aching, adding our work on a top of it…


But the reason I am sharing this with you is to help us help others. Tough Mudder it self is a charity event, but we both felt like we can do something more. So we have decided to race money for Cancer Research. It is a very sensitive topic, as Callum and I both have somebody in family who is or was fiting with cancer.


I didn’t know, till recently, what Tough Mudder is, so for some of you, who are like me, it’s a race with yourself, challenging your physical but also mental strenght. It’s  a 10-12 miles long race with 20 different obsticles each challenging in different way. There are monkey bars, big wall, ice cold water, electric wire and else…


What I’m asking here is to hepl us race some money for those poor people who are affected by cancer. Cancer is spreading and is found in more and more families and no one should face it alone with no help. Now, I don’t expect you to send us lots of money, but one day instead of buying coffee or a cake, rather go to our website and send that money for a good cause, you will help somebody, who you might even know, and it will save you some calories :).

Of course I am not asking for money without us having to spend some too. We have spend quite a lot of money, for me anyways, to make this happend. You can find out more if you go on Tough Mudder webside, and please visit our foundrasing webside too, the link is below.

Thank you all, who found a time to read this, and big thank you for those who donated some money. It’s highly appreciated and who knows, you might save a life. Touch Mudder, Cancer research fundraising webside


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