Getting back to reality


I’m happy to announce that we are back in Scotland in reasonable health. I could not write anything for over a weak, because we had no internet connection in Creetown. Now, we are back in Glasgow, staying with our dear friend till we find place of our own to call it a home.

The travel all the way back from Vietnam was very long, about 58 hours spent on 3 different planes and one long bus trip. We were both looking and stinking like zombies, but we are home.

Just to kind of sum up what we have done and enjoyed the most from our travel through 6 different countries within 3 months.

I was happy to spend some quality time with my family and friends in Czech. Callum bonded with my brothers a bit more, spending time in outside water park. Their first day at school and of course birthday. Can’t forget that I was very happy to be there for my dear granny’s birthday as well.

Then we visited new place for me, very hot and humid Bahrain. It was great pleasure to finally meet Callum’s lovely mum Jess and great joker step dad Glen. We had a good time together. Very tasty brunch in beautiful Sofitel, nice relaxing day spend in water park, visited the tree of life and cooking together. Oh, I nearly have forgotten the amazing adrenaline, Karting. Thankfully, it made me worry less about driving and I’m thinking to do driving licence only for scooter just now, but still, driving on the roads of Glasgow is scary enough

In Dubai was great just the fact, that we’ve been to Dubai 😀 . It was great to be swimming in a nice pool having a view of the greatest Burj Khalifa, walk around it and watch the most beautiful dancing fountain. Visited nice white sand beach and had really nice time with Claire and Sean.

The thing I loved the most in India was one of the 7 wonders of the world, Taj Mahal. As I dreamed about it for many years and had no idea I’ll make it come true in such a young age. For Callum, it was the festival, which was on second place for me. Nine days of celebrating that the good won over the evil, expressed by dancing and happiness. Lovely and refreshing experience. Next thing I enjoyed was sleeping on the roof under the stars and waking up with the sun going up, so beautiful and peaceful. Nice was just the fact, how friendly the people were. Would stop on the street and start talking to you, give you advice, help you in need if it was to take us to the hospital or give us a roof over the head for free. They spent their precious time with us, showing us around and giving us tips.

Unfortunately, there is not much we can say about Thailand as we were food poisoned. At least we think, but it was a suffer for more than 10 days. Good thing was, that we stayed in a nice hotel, surrounded by nature and with a pool, which soothed my soul. For some reason water makes me feel so much better. Thankfully, this was my second time in Thailand, I did lots of crazy stuff the first time so I wasn’t too sad this time.

And beautiful Vietnam. Staying in the oldest part of the city, colourful streets with great wee shops and street food. Breath taking Ha Long Bay, remembering it all now makes me want to go back. We will, but it will take some time to save money. But we know better now what to do and how to plan it. Even though we haven’t seen much of Vietnam, we had amazing time there and want to explore it all.

Now we just hope we get our flat sorted as soon as, the plan was to find flat before we start working, now we just want to find anything cheap within walking distance to work. We had applied to over 30 different flats since the one on Paisley Rd. told us we didn’t get it, only around 6 got back to us and only 3 offered viewing. Well, we are still looking what’s on the market and will be also walking around agencies, applying. We must get something soon enough!


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