A little bit of Paris in Vietnam

I know I said many times that I love Vietnam, but I have to repeat it, because every day we manage to see or experience something new even though we have walked the same streets. We always find something that amaze or surprise us!


For example their streets in the old quarter, every street is different, but each of them is full of the same things. There is the ‘ Halloween’ street, where you would go buy your costume and other stuff for parties. Then there is a ‘packaging’ street, where you get anything from sellotape and boxes  to carpet and wall paper. Also ‘shoe’ street, and different specific food streets, like there is a ‘ Pho Bo’ street or ‘Pho Cuon’ street. This is because the locals know what they want before they leave their house, so they know where is the best place/street to get it.

Pho Bo

You would think that there is a big competition and it would be bad for business, that better would be to have different things on one street. But no, it really works, and it is very interesting and helpful at the same time while you walk those streets, you know where the new street began and the old ones end. And each street is so different I just enjoy walk through them every day to discover new things I did not catch before.

My favourites are the ‘Halloween’ street and the ‘Art’ street, they are very colourful and busy and there is so many things I want to buy, that just looking through the stuff is a joy for me. And it kind of keeps thing tidy and at one place and is also better for orientation. I mean, I’m really bad at reading maps or finding my way anywhere, but here I rock, I can get us everywhere, Callum things I’m improving, but what I think it really is, are the different sectors that each street have that helps me with my orientation.

Fun fact, in the past  Hanoi was actually a small town of 36 streets of the Old Quarter, now the Old Quarter is a small part of this big city, but still the main one, because it kept its old style of life. Therefore the rest of Hanoi is modernised.

Banh Mi

So my friends, do you like what you read about Vietnam? Would you want to visit it from reading these articles about it? Or have you been here and have something more to say? I would love to hear your thoughts and maybe even learn something new! Like my grandma always says ‘ you learn something new every day’. I have learned today that lots of buildings are in Parisian style because of the French influence during their colonial period this influence also extended into local cuisine in a form of ‘Banh Mi’, which has become a world famous sandwich. You can find it even in America. So what have you learned today?


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