I’m lovin’ it


Vietnam stole my heart at first sight, while leaving airport and getting to our hotel. I love the lifestyle, streets, decorations and food. OMG, their food is so amazing, so much better than in Thailand. Completely different taste, but kind of similar to ours in EU, at least to me.
They have the best coffee which is made with egg yolk, butter and cheese, so it also fills you up and it’s soooo tasty! I was a bit scared to try it first, Callum wasn’t, so I tasted a bit from him and ordered immediately one for me too. It was recommended to us by Callum’s mum and step dad,thank you very much, so it is trust worthy source.

Our hotel is budget kind, Olive Hanoi Hotel, we paid £112 for 9 nights, so not bad at all, it has included breakfast, which was a surprise for us on the first morning as we had no idea what we will get. You basically come to the desk and say that you want to have breakfast, you sit down, the guy leaves on his bicycle to buy baguettes and breakfast is served from a basket passed from the top floor where they prepare it, I guess. But it was great and tasty, we got fried egg with big ass baguette and cucumber with tomatoes each. It was simple and tasty and for that budget amazing actually. We have our own room, there are dorms as well, which are cheaper, but we wanted privacy. There is AC, double bad and bathroom which is all we need. It is a great value for money in a very good location, the old quarter, where is lots of cheap shops with beautiful things, we already have a list of things we are gonna buy, and tasty street food, which is better, because you see what is actually being cooked and how it is prepared and it’s cheaper.

Another good thing about this cheap hotel is that as soon as you book it, they send you email of things they can arrange for you like tours, taxi from the airport, which we used, because the price for taxis is pretty much same $18 and you will not have difficulties to get to the hotel using their own taxis, because their English in here isn’t that great, only basics, so it will be hard to tell other taxis where you are actually going.

We didn’t book a tour with them, because our budget was tighter that what they had to offer, but there is so many tour companies here, that we managed to find what we were looking for. So, on Callum’s birthday we booked nice day trip to Ha Long Bay for $50 all together, transport from and to your hotel, lunch on a boat and a kayaking experience with swimming, you can pick kayaking or a bamboo boat, but we picked kayaking and one cave exploring. It is the cheapest standard package, but all that is different from the deluxe or VIP is boat condition, food quality, but still safe to eat, staff will not speak as good English, but we can search info about it on the internet. Plus we are here for their kind of style experience and not VIP I need comfort experience. So it will leave us with a bit of money to spend on the beautiful things we want to buy for our flat we do not have, yet ….


Last night we have visited one of the lakes here, it was a small one, but very beautiful, on one side of it there were people playing different games and socialising and on the other side there was actual outdoor gym. Very old gym equipment but was for free and people were using it and working out together on the fresh air. I just love their style. Vietnam you are awesome and I can’t wait what other things we will experience here in the next 9 days including today. So lets go out …


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