Sweet home

First things first, we finally got the deposit back. We also managed to book flights from Vietnam, so yay we are going to Vietnam! It’s gonna be 10 days and I managed to find really cheap hotel, so we pay like £10 per night and it includes breakfast. Vietnam sounds cool already, right ?! 😀 So cheap…
We will try to have some trips, or a trip at least, the money we have left, well, it’s not much, but we will make it work. We always do.

Our health is doing better, we are not sick anymore, although the other end isn’t as healthy yet… still spending over time on the toilet instead of enjoying the hot weather.

So, we are fly November 2nd and will arrive to London the 3rd, then a bus to Dumfries on the 4th, because we need to stop in Creetown for our winter clothes and pick up necessary things. And on Monday, we have a flat viewing in Glasgow, so it will be very long way home and sorting things out. Everything is slowly falling into peaces though, so hopefully it won’t be too long and we’ll be back in our tracks.

That’s all, just to tell you all the good news, that things are sorted and now we still have the final destination ahead of us.


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