The End ?!

Dear friends, as you all know, we have been having some health issues lately and it is not wanting to go away. I mean we are not sick anymore, actually at least not me, Callum still finds himself hugging the toilet once a day/ night. But the weakness and not being possible to do anything much and enjoy our self properly is kind of putting us off. We don’t have much choices in eating here either, because of the diet, but also they don’t make anything plain, everything has flavours, like way too much, that doesn’t help the stomach, so we don’t even eat much. Like breakfast is our main meal, which is dry cereals or dry bread, maybe steamed rice. Than we have something little at evening time.

Like in every plan, life happens and keeps throwing stones our way. On the top of our being, our money is disappearing, it’s like they just grow legs over night and decide to leave. Also the fact, that our deposit from previous flat still hasn’t come to our account doesn’t make it better.

The thing is, we have flights to Vietnam with visa already, but it looks like it’s not possible to find affordable flights from Vietnam back to Scotland, and to be able to go to Vietnam we need to have flights out of the country. So our options are either find multiple as cheap as possible flights to get to Scotland from Vietnam, or we don’t go to Vietnam at all and will be home before you know it. We obviously want to go to Vietnam, I mean that was my destination number 1 and the reason I wanted to leave and it would make me really sad not to be able to go there. But we are really tired of this sickness and exhausted and we will not be able to enjoy anything if we will not get better! Also the fact that we have nearly no money and starting off again in Scotland already will be hard enough. Place where to stay, job, having money in a first place ….. lots of thing to have on our minds.

It has been a great experience, roughly 3 months travelling, which is not bad at all, I mean we were planning on doing it at least 6 months, but nothing ever goes as planned, right? And it’s not the end of it, we have next year and the year after and plenty of others, plus I believe you all would like to know how it goes back in Scotland, getting back into a routine, actually finding one in a first place .

If you have any ideas, tips or ‘solution’ please let us know, we will appreciate everything …


2 thoughts on “The End ?!

  1. Hey, it sounds like you are having a dreadful time here in Thailand. I’ve had a couple of bouts of food poisoning myself while here in Chiang Mai and it’s bloody awful so I can completely sympathize with you 😦
    I think it’s pretty cheap to fly from Vietnam to China and flights back home to the UK from the major Chinese cities are quite inexpensive (£250 or so) so that could be an option for you guys… Also, I’m not sure if you need departure details when you enter Vietnam as I think you can extend your visa once you are already in the country. I know if you fly into Thialand the airline will insist you have an onward flight but if you arrive by land this isn’t required… maybe Vietnam operate a similar system.
    Good luck with whatever you choose to do and I hope your stomachs settle soon 🙂

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    1. Thank you and so sorry to hear that you have been having troubles with food in here too. I would not wish this experience to anybody, even the worse enemy! And yes, we feel better, it’s still not the same but hopefully slowly getting there. We thankfully managed to find flights and bought them already, it will be long journey but we will get there eventually. 🙂 Take care

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