The good, bad and awful

Let’s start with bad and awful first work our way to the good, shall we?!


What can I say about Bangkok? Well, it’s hard, because our entire stay there we spent in a hotel room suffering from food poisoning….
That’s right, the very first day when we arrived, very hungry by the way, went to eat into a restaurant called Buddy.


Had lots of people in it, so we thought it will be good. We also went sleep very early that day like 8 pm, because we had over 12-hour trip, so we were knackered. Waking up at midnight both of us, Callum sprinting to the toilet, me praying to hold it in till he is finished, it hit us both at the same time. After, we were just fighting over the toilet and a bin, because sometimes it just went from both ends at the same time, 11 hours later our stomachs had literally nothing to get out, it was just painful grumps.

Absolutely exhausted, I couldn’t manage even turn around in the bed, not even thinking to get out, Callum was a bit better than me, so he went to the pharmacy to get us some drinks with electrolytes in it and ice tea to get sugar back in and of course some paracetamol, to get the temperature and headache down. I was starting to feel better, body didn’t ache anymore, only headache a bit, temperature seemed to get down too, so when I was finally hoping for being only better and better, I started to feel bad again. About over 48 hours of pain and nausea, the pills and all the special drinks started properly working, plus I needed some proper rest.

At the bus station we both managed to eat some toasts and were ready for the 11-hour trip on a bus. What a comfortable seat, you get big space for legs, where the bottom bit of the seat gets up and top bit down, so you are nearly laying down. You also get Tv on a seat in front of you for entertainment, although nothing was in English, and we also got some free snacks included in the ticket which was amazingly cheap, only like £14 per person and we have travelled across the country. Just amazing.
Oh another sad thing you all might know, the King has died and while we were at the bus station, there must have been some memorial for him, because it looked like the time has literally stopped. Every single person stopped what they were doing and just stood, not moving, it was like a picture taken out of a movie or so, very interesting, you don’t find this very often.

The differences between India and Thailand we managed to capture so far are that people in India are more friendly and helpful. But Thailand is cleaner and much quieter even though there are tuck-tucks. Thailand is also more touristy, famous Khao San Road was filled with tourists only. Thailand is also more expensive than India. But to be honest, I really liked India, how easy it was to meet people and make friends, get tips on travelling Thailand we weren’t so lucky, yet anyway.


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