Bye bye India, hello Thailand

feature-6Leaving India, I believe we left a bit of us in it as India left something in us. It has been great adventure with both good and bad. More of the good though, all the amazing, kind and friendly people we met, made the stay unforgettable.
Well I had some bad bits, but they mostly included inappropriate looks and sometimes even touches from some cheeky local men towards my person. I had one particular experience that made me very uncomfortable in a market, I don’t care that he knows how the sari blouse is suppose to fit, what’s too much is too much!
Anyway, except that, other incidents were more to laugh at …

I have learned to be more respectful toward what other people believe in, because different country different culture and people are use to different things. For example, they say that you should not say thank you too much, because then they think that there is something wrong with you. So I have explained to them that in some cultures it is polite to always say thank you and please, that it’s rude not to…. They found it funny, so I said I find many things that are in your culture funny too, but I have not been brought up this way so I just have to respect it and I asked for the same thing.

It is sometimes difficult, they expect you to respect their culture and behave the way they do, but they would not do the same in return when visiting your country … Anyway I had actually nice time to be discovering their habits and life style, it can be surprisingly enjoyable to get out of your routine.

Nevertheless, now it’s a new chapter and that’s a legendary Thailand.




3 thoughts on “Bye bye India, hello Thailand

  1. Hello Veroni ,
    I’m a native from Kolkata, India and I hope amidst all things, you have had a beautiful journey. About the culture part, I hope you visit us again and the little grievances gets sorted the next time you do. Since our country is a diverse land with a lot of different cultures and traditions , we tend to have different mindsets and experiences.

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    1. Hello Sweta and thank you for the comment. We will definitely coming back, because there is so many places to see yet. I think it will need more than one trip, but quite few actually. It is big and beautiful country and like you said, every part is different.

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