A little bit of everything

Like I said before, also in Agra we met nice people. One, standing out of all of them, was Akash. He runs Jahangir Lodge. There are very simple, nice, kind of old Indian style rooms.


Akash was very pleasant company. Even though he was busy running his other business as well, he always found time to sit with us, made us the best chai tea ever and just talk. Once he took us to the roof top restaurant for dinner with a view of Taj, but you could not really see it in the dark.
Anyway, if you do have a way to Agra, go to his lodge and say hi to him, he might as well tell you some good tips if he is there as he is busy making his dream come true. One day, there will be very nice and good hotel and Akash owning and running it.

Moving on from Agra onto our last destination New Delhi. This last train was dreadful. Around 3 hours late, and our host cancelled on us last minute. Thinking that we are probably going to spend a night on the train station, Siid contacted us that we can stay at his for couple of nights, so we can figure out what next. He was a huge help and we also had some nice experiences, like spending our second night on the roof top, watching the stars, not good visibility though because of the light pollution, but still, it was something different, something new. And waking up with sun rise was really magical.


We have also visited a Gurudwara bangla sahib. There was so much gold, like you cannot imagine it. Really good affair though, we listened to the story of Sikhism and the 5K’s which every Sikh follow.
First: they don’t cut their hair, like anywhere both men and women,they have long beards tied up into a bun;
Second: they always have on them a wooden comb hidden in their hair like a pin and hat over it, to keep nice and tidy:
Third:  They have a iron wrist band to remind them that their hands are made for work, they should always keep busy;
Fourth: They always wear long underwear both men and women, because they are equal and it was worn in the past to be always prepared in case something happens, nowadays it’s to be faithful;
Fifth: They wear on them wee sword to remind them self that they were warriors;


Walked through the temple and ended up washing our feet in the holy water, where according to the story all the sick people were cured by Guru who then died on the same dizzies those people were cured from.

What I like about this religion is that men and women are on the same level, no differences, what men can do, women can also. Because we are made the same by the one that has many names in different religions, known by some like a God, others Allah and many other names.

Having many things on our list to visit yet, so this is not the end of the India’s adventures…


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