Fortunate in the unknown

So far, we were lucky to meet nice people.
Firstly, Kapil, guy on the train, I asked him for help to find us a taxi, so they don’t take more money than they should. I said that Callum isn’t well and he without any doubts called his friend and then told us that they will take us to the hotel. On the way they also bought some pills for Callum, that they should make him better.

Then we met Shailendra, he took Callum to the hospital, because his fever got worse, and he also had chills and was sick, Shai took care of everything, dealt with doctors and offered to host us for free in his flat, because Callum should relax and feel comfortable. He was supposed to leave the 1st, but because of us he stayed till the 3rd. Just to be sure we are well taken care off.
When Callum got better, Shai and his friend Anish took us to very nice restaurant, to experience good local food called Paratha. It was basically a big potato scone with different fillings like veg or cheese or other stuff. Very yummy.
Then me and Callum got on a taxi and drove to gorgeous temple, where you unfortunately couldn’t take pictures, because they take all your things at the gate, where you don’t get any view of the temple at all. But the structure and gardens, once you get in, it was beautiful. We spent some time there and then when we got back, guys took us to the local festival.


I can tell for myself that it was so far the best experience for me here. Imagine big field with life musicians and around 7 000 barefoot people dancing on the grass. Not drinking alcohol, just water. They had fun just from the dancing and making new creations. Me and Callum joined in, of course, and it was amazing. We didn’t have to even speak to anybody, just express ourselves with dance and happy faces. Everybody was so cheerful.

This festival lasts for 9 days and starts the 1st of October. At 9pm they start dancing and it continues till midnight. Where afterwards they go somewhere to eat and drink tea or coffee.


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