Like a celebrity

Even though India gets millions of tourists every year, locals are still surprised when they see a white person. They either stare at you till they can’t see you, or follow you to get a picture with you.


We have experienced about 15 minutes of fame when we were at the Gateway of India. One boy ran to me that he wants to have picture taken with me, I said yes after like 3rd approach, because they don’t stop till you say yes.
Funny thing, once I said yes, he called all his family and every one of them took picture with me and Callum. But their family had like 10 members, at least. Then when people around saw that locals are taking pics with us they wanted us well and before I managed to look around properly, there was huge crowed surrounding us and one after another where coming and having taken pictures.
It also wasn’t just on their camera or phone, they actually called over local guy that took professional pics and got paid for it. I said jokingly that I’m not paying for that.

It was funny, because everybody was thanking us for that and hugging us, I felt like Angelina Jolie with Brad Pitt. But I was blushing and was red like a tomato, just couldn’t stop laughing.
Eventually they let us go, because we had to catch our fairy to get to the Island, which you can read about in previous post.

It happened again on the Island, once we were walking down from the viewpoints, locals coming the opposite way were like ‘selfie’ at me, so few of them took selfie with me. But then I just followed Callum down the hill.

Very funny experience and from what we heard, it’s not going to be the last one. It’s a shame that we didn’t take any pictures to keep as a memory but I guess it’s better that way, I mean, where would we put it …


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