Dissappointment or a great discovery?!


Do you ever feel so angry, that you nearly want to cry? Because you put so much effort, time and work into something you are not able to see at the end.
I have felt like that yesterday. We went on a day trip to the Elephanta caves, it’s on the Island. So you have to pay for boat, which took just over an hour, very slow, then when you enter the Island, you have to pay little fee, which is still understandable, but once I climbed hundreds of stairs, was wet like I just got out of shower, my muscles were having spasms, I had to pay more money to be able to see the caves?!
That’s not all, it was 500 rupees per person for foreigners and only 30 rupees for locals, which made me very upset. Because we were told not to have lots of cash on us, we did not have that money. Plus, there wasn’t mentioned anything on the website that you have to pay at the top again! We thought that the tickets we bought on the land were to get us all the way.
Sitting at the top, thinking that I’m starting to hate this place, my amazing boyfriend sees a sign to get to two viewpoints. Still very angry am climbing another hundreds of stair, but the further I got the happier I was again. Also because of Callum, he always knows how to make me laugh. The nature there was beautiful, like in fairy-tale, colourful and big butterflies everywhere and very nice views as well. At both of the viewpoints you could see huge canons, which were at the second world war protecting the Island. So a bit of history too.


At the end I was happy, because even if we would have the cash, we would not pay it, because it was a big scam towards foreigners. And we were told by our local friend that it’s not worth the money anyway, there are only three empty caves and that’s it, apparently the viewpoints are much better.

So, dear friends, if you ever go to India and visit Elephanta caves, don’t pay for it, go the other way for much nicer thing and for free.


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