Colourful in every way

It’s not easy to talk about something, when I didn’t spend much time there yet. But my thoughts and feelings about this place are very mixed.

Marine drive – queens necklace

There is definitely a lot to see and do, but in my opinion, you need locals to show you the beauty of this city. There is a great thing and everybody knows it, called couch-surfing where we met our new friend Bhuresh.
He showed us many beauties of South of Mumbai, for example the Gateway of India and beautiful luxury hotel just opposite from the Gateway. We even went inside, something that would not cross our minds being non-residents. Nice experience. Many important and famous people have visited this hotel and still will be.

He also told us that in 2008 there were terrorists in that hotel and many people were kidnapped. There were also other places, where terrorists were active, that’s why there is lots of security gates you have to go through if you want to get somewhere, even on metro.


Another kind of scary thing, they have open trains. The train goes really fast and the door doesn’t close, its wide open and it’s not like European trains, which doors are small, these open spaces where doors should be are huge. Lots of people are hanging out of the train, people are squished in the trains as well and there are lots of injuries and deaths because of this. People lose their limbs or die falling of the train. I am surprised that they are allowed.

But enough of the scariness, we had lovely time, have been on the beach with lots of street food and we tried local speciality, cold Panipuri and it was delicious, not too spicy either, which I was happy for. And Buresh also took us to nice cafe where they serve beers.
Who knows what we are gonna experience today, but I’m looking forward to this new day.


2 thoughts on “Colourful in every way

  1. So glad that you had Buresh to show you around on your first day in India. I think the sights, sounds, smells and experiences you are having now will be with you for your lifetime. Enjoy and stay safe!


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