End of comfort – Bahrain

Our stay in Bahrain is nearly at the end, we have two full days ahead and the plan is to go karting, which I have never done before and am very excited to do so. Originally we were supposed to go to the private beach Al Dar which costs money, because public beaches in here are full of rubbish and are disgusting. So they have these private beaches where they take care of them and charge you lot of money to get there, to buy food and drinks and if you want to be in a shade, you need to pay for that as well.
Since we have Thailand, India and Vietnam ahead, there will be beautiful beaches for free, so I have picked the karting over private beach experience in here.

Plus we kind of had a beach experience already, because we went to the water park, which had beach, artificial waves and lots of flumes, which I enjoyed very much. We spend there just over 5 hours and I was exhausted, but it was amazing day. I also finally experienced a pool bar which was cool, having drink while being in the water.

We have also been to lots of shopping malls and a street market called Souq, which was like Indian market, kind of preparation for me to be able to deal with them in India.

Today, we have gone to the Tree of Life, which is a tree that is over 400 years old in the middle of a desert with a little wall around it to give you some info about the history, the tree and other old trees around the world.
Lots of time spent in back yard pool, some barbecuing and just wonderful time of relaxation and setting our mind to the proper backpacking experience starting on Sunday.


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