Rich vs poor

It’s a shame that it still is this way, but it sometimes, no, it very often annoys me, how much power money has over us.
For example, once you get into these countries like Bahrain, India, Thailand or else, you see either very rich people, who don’t know what is living normal life. They would want to go out and there would be car waiting for them with a driver. They never have to make their bed or cook or normal everyday life things the ‘normal’ people do.
And then you go a two streets further and there are poor people on the street with whole family, asking not for money, but water or something to eat, their sad faces are heartbreaking, and its so many of them that if you help one they all want some help and you just can’t as an individual make that happened.

On one side, rich people throwing away uneaten or unwanted food, instead of making their way to the car and bring the unwanted food two streets further and give it to people who would more than appreciated. Or don’t even do it your self, send some of your staff, cos they have more than enough!

So I, walking through these streets, thinking what is happening with people, why are so many of us thinking that they are something more that the others only because they have money, in which case power. We all gonna die and turn into a dust or eaten by worms, it doesn’t matter how much money you have on your account once you are dead, does it ?!

It amazes me, that even with so many famous and rich people all around the world, there are places like that and even worse that are so poor and sick, and it looks like there is no help for them. And it’s always the middle class or struggling with money that go and get the little what they have to those who don’t have anything at all. The rich advertising something that the hard-working people who are going from one salary to another, happy they got through the month, those people are the once sending money!

I’m not saying that every rich person is bad and not helping others, I do know there are some, also organizations that are helping some people, but then if you think about it, it has been for years that people would be sending money to charities and other organizations, giving them clothes, sending food and other things you can think of. It seems like it’s not getting to those people in need. Like by the time it gets to those in need, it has gone through so many people and charges that its tiny percentage of money they get.

I wanted to help people or animals by going volunteering, I thought I will work hard for those who need it, I didn’t know it cost extortionate money, I could not afford a week there! Where is that money going? To the pockets of the rich once, who made that organization?
Again, I’m not saying they are all the same, but there are lots of them …. unfortunately!

I just wanted to get my opinion out there and maybe some people have same one and some don’t have to agree with me at all. I’m just glad, I could speak up!



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