Ladies night out in Bahrain.


I was lucky to experience this kind of thing , to even find out about it. This kind of ladies night out is not ordinary. Why? Listen up ladies, you get to drink for free!!!

There are certain bars and clubs in Bahrain, which allow women to drink as much as they like, whatever they like and its either completely for free or for little pay. All that, only because you are a woman.
How cool is that?!

Last night, I was taken for one of these ladies nights to a luxury hotel Domain. Although, they didn’t have ‘ladies night’ on, because it was Eid holidays and they don’t do it on any holidays. But we still had a drink, because the view from this bar on 36th floor was just spectacular.
From there we moved on to Upstairs & Downstairs bar, where they were doing this kind of night. So we got a menu for drinks we can have, unlimited, for little pay though, but it was only BD7  and I’ll tell you, that you would get only one drink for this price anywhere in here, so this still was great deal. Plus some of these bars give you platters, so you eat something little as well.
I had one cocktail and then swapped to sparkling wine, which was topped up automatically and I didn’t have to be calling the waiter over at all. I didn’t go too crazy, but I think I could have 4-5 drinks at this bar. So I have saved a lot of money.

And it’s pretty easy to find out where and when to go, cos if you know about this ladies nights you just simply search on the internet ‘ladies night out Bahrain’ and there it is, over 35 bars and clubs for ladies, where we can go crazy for free.
There could be pretty cool bachelorette parties as well, I mean , you don’t have to pay for it here, get flights, hotel, you will see and experience something new and really unforgetable.


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