Budget Airlines vs Quality Airlines


Tell me this. Who isn’t trying to find the cheapest flight they can, because they are ridiculously expensive nowadays. And not always you know at least 6 months ahead that you will get days off of work to get the flights cheaper. Many times you can’t find the right dates closer to the date that would suits you. It can be a lot of struggle sometimes…..

So, of course we try, and try every website we can to get into our budget and to get to our dream destination. But the experience is a lot different.

On one side you save money, which is pleasing, but once you get to the airport and the plane, the customer service is quite different. You want to enjoy yourself all the way from the beginning, starting off on the way to the airport. Because that’s when your time off has started.

I’ll tell you what, I have experienced both, good quality airline and the budget ones as well, more often than the good ones, cos the price difference is sometimes unbelievably huge.

Last year I flew to Thailand with Emirates. Only economy class but still, it felt good to be treated nicely, have still nice comfortable seats and for such a long flight, have the opportunity to relax watching tv or listen to music, get a drink any time I called for assistance, and they didn’t give me that look, that I bother them, they were smily and kind, and I know that this is sometimes hard, cos people are not robots and have their own struggle so if someone is as professional as this, I admire it.
I paid for this flight just under £ 500.00 but the experience was priceless.

On the other hand, this year I flew to Bahrain, also quite a long flight but because we didn’t know exact dates for our flights we hade to wait. So we managed to get our flights only a month ahead, and I tell you it was hard time to find anything that was normal price.The good airlines were very expensive, like £600 and over for one person and single way, thanks but no.

We found this cheap Turkish Airline called Pegasus, and what could go wrong straight from the beginning, it did!
First, their website, when we wanted to check into the first flight, no problem, but the next one, it said that the code they sent us to email is invalid and we have to buy new tickets. And we did not want to spend another £200 for the same flight, we paid for already. So, at the airport the lady from the crew told us she can’t get them either, but that that’s normal, it happens very often. And then when we wanted to go through to the only passenger bit, it didn’t let us, even though we were at the check in, apparently our boarding passes weren’t boarding passes. So we went back, and got a new once. After all this, our flight was over an hour late, at the Istanbul Airport, where we had to go to the Transfer passenger bit, where I had problems with my Czech passport, but nobody communicated with us what is the actual problem, after about 20 mins of not knowing whats going on , we finally got our second boarding passes, still not knowing what was wrong. Our second flight, again over an hour delay, after boarding on time, we were sitting in the plane for over an hour, going for few seconds and then the plain stopped again, and it went like this about 4 times.

After this experience, I’m gonna thing twice, if to pay more and have nice experience and could relax, than being stressed out, what will happen next and if I even get into the destination I paid for.



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