Every time is a first time.


dsc_1255As I promised to some people, I have officially started blogging. Even though I’m not that kind of a person who writes well or even good, I have decided I’ll give it a shot. Mainly cos my boyfriend took the time to create it for me, I as well might try it, right?

Anyway, the reason for this are our travels. After 4 years of living in UK and hard work, we have decided to enjoy interesting part of the world, colourful not just in nature but also in culture, food and many other things I may not know about …. yet. What else it could be than Asia, preferably for us SE Asia. We are hoping to visit a lot of places, starting in India, through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, visiting our friend in South Korea, to Indonesia and Malaysia. Also Nepal would be cool, but we don’t have unlimited money, so we’ll see how it will go for us with all these countries.

But before all this, once we have left UK, we went to my little home town in Czech Republic. Yes, i’m from Czech, for those who didn’t know. My Scottish boyfriend likes the food, the cheap and tasty great beer and I believe other stuff too. Anyway, Czech is the past now, we have had great time in Hodonin and even better, but short, in Prague. For those who have never been there and were thinking about it, I can highly recommend, its cheap, beautiful, and the beer !!!

Today we have arrived to Bahrain. Callum’s [my boyfriend] mum and step dad live there for the past 3 or 4 years and we have decided to visit them and have a bit of relaxation before the reality hits us. It’s very hot and humid in here, like, Thailand was nothing like this, when I was there last year. Its very different and I bet we’ll have a great time in here, we have planned lots of thing to see, do and eat, so we definitely won’t be bored. But more about that later. Now is the time to go out and experience something new.


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